Heiko Dijker, Bart Fermie and Joshua Samson met at the thriving World Music scene of the Netherlands, where each of them has his own voice of Rhythm. This magical trio are sophisticated masters of percussion. They found in each other a similar quality of expressive and spirited playing. In the concerts of the Spiral Trio the most magical rhythm and melody join hands on Hang, Innovative Percussion and Tabla. These soulful virtuoso present both modernity and tradition intricately fused together in a mesmerizing show.

“To me it is a very special moment, as a performer and as a listener, to be touched in my soul by music. If that can be achieved and shared, there is a deeply valuable and profound lasting experience for everyone involved.” (Heiko Dijker)


David Hall Gallery and Cafe
Photo: Zuzana Zwiebel – David Hall Gallery and Cafe


“My connection to India is a deep loving one, since my musical life was born there. It has become my life-path, and it has brought me such beauty and love in Life, I am eternally thankful. I have been lucky to meet, learn from, and work with some of the greatest legends of Indian music. And in this whole journey, the people of India have been always warmly supportive and loving towards my efforts: the last few years I have been touring concerts all over India, and the appreciation is heartwarming: they have been calling me an Ambassador of Tabla for the World; a title I humbly try to live up to halfheartedly.” (Heiko Dijker)

Heiko Dijker is an Amsterdam based Tabla player and producer whose playing is marked by enthusiasm and energy, depth of knowledge and rhythmic poetry. He left Holland at a young age to find true Soulfullness in Music and Life. Hitch-Hiking around the world on his own, Heiko was drawn into Classical Indian music and the beauty of India.

Spiral Trio
Photo: Zuzana Zwiebel – SPIRAL TRIO – Heiko Dijker & Bart Fermie

After years of traditional training with Shri Bhaswaraj Bhendigeri in India, living in a small clay hut and doing saintly practice in the Himalaya, he continued to learn with grandmaster Faiyaz Khan in the Guru-Shisya (Master-Disciple) system. For 10 years, he was totally absorbed in his Sadhana, practicing and listening only classical Indian acoustic music. Holding a Masters-degree in classical Tabla of the Rotterdam Conservatory (learning with excellent teachers Ustad Faiyaz Khan and Ted de Jong), Heiko has been working with great Indian classical and not so classical musicians and dancers, as well as with fusions of traditional and innovative music and dance.

Spiral Trio
Photo: Zuzana Zwiebel – SPIRAL TRIO – Heiko Dijker & Joshua Samson

“Myself, I have been trained deeply in the classical Indian music for many years, and from that basis I have been meeting and experimenting with a lot of wonderful musicians, from many styles, like classical Western, Jazz, classical Tunisian, Electronic music like Drum & bass or Dub-step, and many more. All this has enriched me very much, and opened many doors to my musical possibilities of composition and arranging.” (Heiko Dijker) 

Spiral Trio
Photo: Zuzana Zwiebel – SPIRAL TRIO – Heiko Dijker, Joshua Samson & special guest Gayatri Asokan

“Follow your Heart, work very hard (and a bit more), and go Deep. Learn from old and young musicians, and make the musical language your own, whatever instrument or style you play: the more you can express yourself, the more the people will enjoy. Be sincere.” (Heiko Dijker)


“I had the extreme pleasure of working with Bart Fermie on a recent Ivan Lins project. What a joy! Not only is he a fabulous percussionist but he so enthusiastically contributed incredible knowledge, ideas and direction. And, I totally fell in love with all the instruments he’s created. He’s a sound innovator — and simply a great musician.” (Maria Schneider, conductor, arranger, composer)

Spiral Trio
Photo: Zuzana Zwiebel – SPIRAL TRIO – Bart Fermie

Bart Fermie is an eclectic percussionist, his playing and sounds reflect his ongoing exploration of a wide range of percussion styles and instruments. He has been collaborating in projects and productions with Randy Crawford, George Duke, Ivan Lins, Toots Thielemans, Babaa Maal, Angelique Kidjo, Danish Radio Big Band, Brussels Jazz Orchestra, Maria Schneider and Frank McComb. He currently teaches at the Percussion faculty of the Conservatory of Amsterdam, is a guest teacher at The Conservatory of Rotterdam and conducts workshops and clinics for Pearl Percussion all over the world. He had developed more than 40 musical instruments!


“Your body is more then a vehicle to get your head from meeting to meeting.” (Joshua Samson)

Spiral Trio
Photo: Zuzana Zwiebel – SPIRAL TRIO – Joshua Samson

Joshua J. Samson (1967) born in The Hague,The Netherlands, is a well known percussion artist, speaker, founder of the Health and Wellness methodology ‘OneMinuteFit.com’ and is one of the leading improvising percussionists in Europe.

Spiral Trio
Photo: Zuzana Zwiebel – SPIRAL TRIO – Joshua Samson

Next to his Masters degree in Music he holds a Master of Arts degree from the Royal Conservatory of Music with the unique title:‘Music in Business’. For 16 years he was the driving force behind a successful interactive learning and performance company based in The Netherlands.

Spiral Trio
Photo: Zuzana Zwiebel – SPIRAL TRIO – Joshua Samson

Joshua combines performing in concerts with the delivery of creative interactive, performance programs in which company culture, work dynamics and professional human interaction are key.

Some of his favorite quotes:

“You can learn more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.” (Plato)




Text: Zuzana Zwiebel – Inspired by Frances Chen’s Interview with Heiko Dijker for Delta Bridges; Bart Fermie on Perl Europe; Joshua Samson on Alia

ART OF TRAVEL: www.shaktitrails.com

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