Have you ever looked deep into the fisherman eyes?
Sight, you can not catch into the nets, only feel it.
Darshan of the God, sending his avatar with every fish.

Photo: Zuzana Zwiebel

The boat during the dark storm on rough sea.
Sea salt melt on the skin by afternoon sun.
Silent prayer searching an answer in the wind.

Photo: Zuzana Zwiebel

Tight rope walker balancing under the blue sky.
In single breath counting blessings and stitches on the wounds.
Lost dreams caught into holey nets.

Photo: Zuzana Zwiebel

Blue mood pachworking words into sentences without meaning.
Nail hitting the paintful part of the truth.
Veins of the boats bleeding the blood into the time black hole.

Palm Leaves Resort, Puthenthope, Kerala, India
Photo: Zuzana Zwiebel

Have you ever looked deep into the fisherman eyes? 

Text: Zuzana Zwiebel
Partner for the project: Palmleaves Beach Resort, Kerala, India

ART OF TRAVEL: www.shaktitrails.com

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