100+1 SYMBOL: Narayana & Lotus, In Which Resides Brahma

Narayana’s slumber represents a state when the consciousness is totally unresponsive to the world around. So deep is the slumber that Narayana is not even aware of himself. This is ‘pralaya’ dissolution, the period before the split between Purusha and Prakritri. There is neither observer nor observation. Things have no form or name. Space collapses. Life entropies into the formless, nameless mass – the ocean of milk. Time is no longer sequential. The past, present and future telescope into each other. The serpent of time coils rather than slithers. (more…)

100+1 SYMBOL – Lotus

The lotus blossom represents heart opening, growth, and enlightenment. The lotus flower is rooted in mud and darkness, grows up through water, and blooms beautifully above the surface. Like the lotus, we have our own struggles and dark places. Through experience, we grow toward the light to finally emerge and blossom.

Photo:  Zuzana Zwiebel – Lotus flowers after rain in Sarnath.

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