THE HINDU – Cafe Papaya: A space for expression

Published in India, June 21, 2013: THE HINDU – A space for expression

Movies, music and food are on the menu of the Cafe Papaya

In 1998, American singer-songwriter Dave Matthews wrote of ‘The Dreaming Tree’, a place beneath which promises held true, fears were conquered and creativity flourished unbridled. In a large house on North Janatha Road, a similar tree exists. Pencilled onto a white wall and lit by sunlight from a skyroof, the tree is packed chock-full of words and images that stand for oneness in Japanese, Hebrew, Tamil, Malayalam and a myriad other languages. It is the epicentre of Kochi’s new creative hub for movies, music and food — Cafe Papaya — a collaborative project between filmmaker Aashiq Abu, photographer Ajay Menon and Avial’s band manager Jithu Livingstone. (more…)



The Singas Project consists of two man behind the carpet. Kores – double bass, bass guitars, v-bass synth, Zozo – piano, rhodes, synths, samplers. We produce Singas. Nu jazz or old-school, Singas Project performs remarkable live acts which is why they have already featured on most European festivals. They even have a track on the Café del Mar compilations. We work with our friends: Dalma the talented vocalist with much respect for the diverse styles stemming from jazz, Beata Rostas Piros the amazing singing sculpture, Ady the crazy saxophonist, Czimi – drum, Aron Porteleki – drum, Ferenc Koles – actor and atleast but not last TG aka SunPrince – slam, slam poetry. (more…)

100+1 PHOTO STORY: SPIRAL TRIO – Ambassador of Tabla for the World


Heiko Dijker, Bart Fermie and Joshua Samson met at the thriving World Music scene of the Netherlands, where each of them has his own voice of Rhythm. This magical trio are sophisticated masters of percussion. They found in each other a similar quality of expressive and spirited playing. In the concerts of the Spiral Trio the most magical rhythm and melody join hands on Hang, Innovative Percussion and Tabla. These soulful virtuoso present both modernity and tradition intricately fused together in a mesmerizing show. (more…)