100+1 SYMBOL: Narayana & Lotus, In Which Resides Brahma

Narayana’s slumber represents a state when the consciousness is totally unresponsive to the world around. So deep is the slumber that Narayana is not even aware of himself. This is ‘pralaya’ dissolution, the period before the split between Purusha and Prakritri. There is neither observer nor observation. Things have no form or name. Space collapses. Life entropies into the formless, nameless mass – the ocean of milk. Time is no longer sequential. The past, present and future telescope into each other. The serpent of time coils rather than slithers. (more…)

100+1 SYMBOL: Lakulesh & Phallus worth of adoration

Ancients Indian artists used the male body to represents mind. This is because the male genitalia, unlike female genitalia, shows dramatic visual transformation between state of non-arousal and arousal. A flaccid penis indicates an unstirred mind. An erected penis represents a stirred mind. The spurting of semen offers a very visual metaphor to show the submission of the mind to external stimulus. Eyes represent the senses. When the man’s eyes are shut and his penis is flaccid, it indicates a mind that refuses to submit to external stimulus.  (more…)

100+1 SYMBOL: Chandra – Moon on Shiva’s Head

Like all celestial bodies, Chandra, the moon-god, travels through the twelve solar houses, the Rashis, and twenty seven lunar house, the Nakshatras. Nakshatras are wives of the moon. (Twenty eight daughters of Daksha, son of Brahma). The moon however, prefers only one of them Rohini, lavishing her with attention while neglecting the others. Upset, one of the Nakshatras, Abhijit, withers away in sorrow, while the other twenty seven daughters complain to Daksha, who curses Chandra to suffer from wasting disease. He waxes as he moves towards Rohini and wanes as he moves away from her. A distraught Chandra turns to Shiva, who place him on his forehead. This contact enables Chandra to wax once again.  (more…)

100+1 PHOTO STORY: Kerala – Nair Wedding

Kerala - Nair Wedding Her name is REMYA
She is HAPPY


“Madam, all is arranged, my wedding is 1st of December! Can I invite you!? You have to come!”, she said with very warm friendly voice to which you can not refuse anything.
“Oh, wonderful! That’s wonderful! I will be very happy to come! Let me congratulate you!”, and I meant it.
After a while I asked: “Remya, is it arranged marriage?”
She looked at me with surprise: “Yes, of course, it is arranged marriage.”
“But you are happy?!”, I had to ask it.
“Madam, I am very happy!”, she looked at me with eyes full of love and there was no hesitation in her voice. (more…)

100+1 SYMBOL: Tirtha

Place where gods dwell as described in the Brihat Samhita:

“The gods always play where the lakes are, where the sun’s rays are warded off by umbrellas of lotus leaf clusters, and where clear water paths are made by swans, whose breasts toss the white lotuses hitcher and thither; where swans, ducks, curlews and paddy birds are heard and animals rest nearby in the shade of Nicula trees on the river banks.”  (more…)