We live unaware of the inner sound of our being, drowned out as it is, by the din of daily life. Only when everything else quiets down and we are at peace can we hear it. That’s why we’ve made sure, that the shouts of the modern world die down to whispers, at SwaSwara.

The inner voice of the Self. That echoes on a fabled beach, shaped like the very first sound of creation, Aum. A perfect setting, for communion of mind and body. Come, say hello to the song and celebration within you. (more…)

100+1 SYMBOL: Tirtha

Place where gods dwell as described in the Brihat Samhita:

“The gods always play where the lakes are, where the sun’s rays are warded off by umbrellas of lotus leaf clusters, and where clear water paths are made by swans, whose breasts toss the white lotuses hitcher and thither; where swans, ducks, curlews and paddy birds are heard and animals rest nearby in the shade of Nicula trees on the river banks.”  (more…)

Sri Lanka’s famous Galle Face Hotel doorman dies

Dedicated to all friends, who had the honor to meet Mr Kuttan personally at Galle Face Hotel in Colombo. Sri Lanka. I had that honor to meet him during cooperation with Petr Horky on documentary for the Czech TV – Rituals of Sri Lanka, our guide in Galle Face Hotel was Mr Kuttan (Watch online: Czech TV – Rituals of Sri Lanka) (more…)